10 Reasons You Should Send Your Child to Camp

As parents, you may be wondering what the benefit of camp is. Why put in the time, effort, and finances to register and send your child?

We think there are TONS of reasons, but let us give you a few!

1. Camp is a BREAK

Summer is a wonderful season of sun, friends, and free time. But oh that free time… it can really wear on a parent! Having to entertain your children for days on weeks on end… it can get hard to find creative ways to keep them occupied! Camp is a fantastic way to give yourself and your children a break. Let us take them off your hands for a week. We’re happy to entertain them, teach them new things, and send them back to you exhausted! Camp can be a much needed break for parents and can leave you refreshed and energized for the rest of the summer.

2. Camp is FUN

… of course! Camp offers so many activities, games, and events that it is impossible for a child to not enjoy at least a part of it. Our goal is to give campers the best week of their summer. From night games to breakfast in bed, “Man’s / Ladies Day” to tubing, we are always surprising our campers and giving them exciting memories. We love to use lots of glow sticks, loud music, and crazy dancing to amp up the fun!


Every time a child comes to camp for the first time, they have the opportunity to try something new. Campers get to climb the climbing wall, shoot a bow and arrow, go tubing, and try kayaking. Sometimes they are nervous to try something new, but rarely do they regret it! Even a child who goes half way up the wall is excited because that’s higher than they’ve ever gone! Someone who is nervous and prefers a slow tube ride gains the confidence to try something a little bit crazier. We love to see children trying new things and we love the excitement and confidence they gain from giving it a try!

4. Camp is NEW and OLD FRIENDS

We have some campers that come with friends or some that come alone, but no camper returns home without making a new friend! We love seeing kids open themselves up to people that they may not normally become friends with, and we love to see new friendships being formed and old ones becoming even more solid!

5. Camp is OUTSIDE

In a culture that is always plugged in and screen based, we pride ourselves in offering children the chance to unplug for a week. Our campers spend 90% of their day outside in the fresh air. They are surrounded by nature and are breathing fresh air and we think this is an incredibly valuable part of the camping world!

6. Camp is LEARNING

At Camp Likely we have the opportunity to teach children about Jesus and the Bible. We like to explain what we believe and allow kids to ask questions if they choose. We think it is important to respect and care for each child and family’s opinions and beliefs and never try to push our beliefs on others. We just think it is a privilege to share about the love of our God who loves us oh so much!


Camp Likely offers many activities that give children the opportunity to be outside, physically active, and try new things. We have a climbing wall, archery, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, crafts, and camp skills. We play wide games each evening and incorporate little games throughout the day. Our goal is to be active, outside, and together with each other.

8. Camp is YUMMY FOOD

Each year we hire a fantastic head cook and a variety of assistant cooks that work many hours each day in order to serve us the best food! We pride ourselves in serving lots of fresh produce and homemade meals. Quality nutrition is important to us, and our cook always strives to make wholesome beneficial meals! We are so thankful for the people who work hours each day in a hot kitchen to feed us!

9. Camp is the chance to be CRAZY

Camp is different from ordinary life – it is a place where it is culturally acceptable to be absolutely crazy! We encourage loud singing, crazy dancing, hilarious skits… We love to see kids come out of their shell and let loose! Our staff do a great job of providing a space where campers feel comfortable to be who they are with confidence.

10. Camp is CREATIVE

We love to provide campers with the opportunity to try new things and think in new ways. We encourage creativity through team cheers, flags and costumes. Being out in nature can really help facilitate these creative juices and we think it is important for kids to use their imagination and think outside of the box.