3 Things Camp Does to Change Your Life

Here at Camp Likely, we fully believe that a week at camp can change your child’s life.

1. At camp your child can OVERCOME FEARS

One of the places that we often see this is at the climbing wall. Climbing a thirty foot wall is a scary idea! It requires trusting the equipment, trusting the wall, and ultimately trusting the belayer. It is very cool to watch a child who is afraid of heights begin climbing the wall. They make it up past the first sheet, then the second… and then they often start getting nervous. They see that they’re up in the air and realize how much higher they have yet to go. Our belayers encourage them to go “just a little higher”. Often they’ll climb a little bit higher. Some campers continue to the top while others go half way… sometimes they stop at three sheets. In any case, we are always excited – and the camper is excited – that they did it! They tried something that they were scared about, they went past their limit… they overcame their fears!

Our camp offers the opportunity for campers to overcome their fears in many different activities. Whether they are nervous about being towed behind a boat, yet they go tubing. Or maybe the idea of shooting a “weapon” is a scary idea, yet they try archery. Or maybe floating in a wooden boat is scary, yet they try canoeing. We love giving children the space to try something new, to grow. We are careful to never push too hard, to always let the children form their own limits and boundaries, and we are always encouraging and excited when we see that a child has tried something uncomfortable!

2. At camp your child can leave with IMPACTING RELATIONSHIPS

Camp is unique in that it is completely separated from the rest of the world. It is like our own little “bubble”. In that bubble we have staff, cabin leaders, adult volunteers, and campers. Each person at camp makes unique relationships within this bubble that are accelerated by the camp atmosphere. We think it is valuable to offer a place where children can make multi-generational relationships. Kids can get to know our camp “grandparents” and feel loved and cared for. They can become friends with our staff and cabin leaders and see them as role models and examples. They also form new friendships and strengthen old ones with other kids their age from their community. Often these relationships continue outside of the week of camp, and it is very cool to see how excited children are to see their “new friends” throughout the year in town in the grocery store or a local restaurant!

3. At camp your child can MEET JESUS

At Camp Likely we have a deep value for Jesus. We think that learning about Him and meeting Him is the most impactful moment a person can have in their life. We like to give children the opportunity to learn about Jesus, and if they choose, we love to give them the opportunity to meet Him and build a relationship with Him. For us, this is what camp is all about – introducing children to a God who loves them deeply, completely, and perfectly.