5 Ways a Counsellor Influences Kids

Each year we have fantastic staff give up “normal” summer jobs, beach days, and time friends to invest in the children that come to camp. One of the most influential relationships that happen at camp are between a cabin leader and their campers. Here are 5 ways a counsellor influences their kids.

1. Counsellors provide a safe space.

We love that Camp Likely is a place that children can come and be themselves without fear of judgment or condemnation. Our staff and counsellors play a huge role in building that space, because when they come, they are completely themselves without any reservations! When campers arrive and their counsellors are confident in who they are, the campers feel that camp is a safe place for them to gain confidence in who they are.

2. Counsellors provide fun.

Our counsellors are some of the craziest, funnest people we know! Some are loud and obnoxious, others are quieter and funny, but all of them make camp a great time for all the campers who come. We get such a unique combination of individuals and it is always a perfect blend that makes camp the best place to be!

3. Counsellors provide a meaningful relationship.

The relationship that campers build with their counsellors is often one of the most valuable relationships built throughout the week. Our counsellors invest their time in our campers. This investment leads to meaningful conversations and impactful connections that can really shape a child’s life.

4. Counsellors provide their time.

Our counsellors and staff have given up a week or more of their summer because they think that children are worth it! When they are at camp they are completely devoted to their campers and aren’t hindered by any distractions. This commitment of their time goes a long way in building the trust of their campers. When our campers see that their counsellor is completely committed to them for a whole week, it lowers barriers and allows them to build great friendships with each other.

5. Counsellors provide a role model.

Our counsellors are young people who are excited about life and passionate about living devoted to Jesus. While far from perfect, they demonstrate to the campers what it looks like to follow Jesus. In the week that the campers spend with their counsellors they see that you don’t have to be perfect to follow Jesus, but you can follow Jesus in each every day aspect of your life. They see that following Jesus isn’t boring, but it is exciting, fun, and an adventure! We choose counsellors who we think will make great role models for your children because we know that your campers look up to their counsellors!