How to Pack for Camp

Camp is coming! The kids are excited… YOU’RE excited… but the age old question is “What does my child need at camp??!!”

Good news. I am here to answer that question!

If you have registered for camp, you will have received a packing list that includes the necessities. I am going to walk through that with you and give you some tips as you help your child pack.

Warm sleeping bag, pillow, sheet

  • At camp we have nice vinyl covered mattresses on bunk beds. Frequently kids will bring a sheet and quilt or a sleeping bag as well as a small throw blanket to cuddle up with. Sometimes night times can get a little bit chilly, so it’s always better to have an extra blanket than not enough.

Bible, journal

  • If your child doesn’t have a Bible and they’re not into journaling, don’t worry! We have Bibles for children that would like them and there are no times that it will be awkward or uncomfortable if they don’t bring these items.

Sunscreen, bug spray, toiletries

  • This is a big one! It gets hot in the day and cool at night, which leads to sun burns and mosquitos! We encourage kids to bring both sunscreen and bug spray to keep them covered. And of course toiletries, including toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and soap. While we are outdoors and we do like to participate with nature, it’s always more fun when we smell good!

Closed toed shoes, sandals

  • Close toed shoes are required for the climbing wall, so be sure to pack these even if your child doesn’t think they’ll want to climb the wall – they may change their mind! We also play a lot of games where runners come in handy. Sandals are also great to have for the beach and walking around camp – wearing shoes is a rule that we enforce!

Clothing for hot days and cool evenings (layers)

  • Rain gear if it rains, we continue with the program
    • (After all… a little rain never hurt nobody!)
  • All clothing is to be appropriate with logos, messages, lengths, and airing on the conservative side. If you have questions about some of your clothing, please ask.
    • We recognize that each person has different fashion choices and we want to make sure that we are dressing respectfully of others.

Hat, sunglasses, a watch, towel, water bottle

  • All of these are handy, but we think the towel and water bottle are especially important! We emphasize hydration as it’s often hot and everyone loves spending time in the lake!

Modest swimsuit

  • A coloured shirt to cover a bikini
    • Again, we want to be respectful of others in how we dress!

Theme Meal Clothing This year our theme is “#Farmlife” so our theme meals will go along with that!

  • “Veggietales”
  • “Little House on the Prairie”
  • “Barnyard”
  • “Formal” (excluding Squirt’s camp)
    • We love theme meals! We like to dress up in theme and maybe even act accordingly. If you don’t have supplies that work for these themes, don’t worry, we often have a few extra things for campers who could use a bit of help coming up with a costume!