What I Learned About Jesus at Camp

Camp Likely offers a variety of activities and experiences. Everything from archery to tubing, from crafts to canoeing. These are great things, and we love offering children the opportunity to try something new, to overcome fears, to make memories. But there is one thing that camp offers that is far more important than any other – here at Camp Likely, we teach people about JESUS. I’d like to share some things that I have learned about Jesus throughout my years at camp.

I have learned that Jesus is a friend. He cares about what we have to say and He values our thoughts and concerns.

I have learned that God is a good Father. He fights for us, protects us, and deeply desires us to be loved and valued.

I have learned that nothing is big enough to separate us from God’s love. No matter what we have done, no matter what choices we have made, He is always waiting for us to run to Him and He is always happy to welcome us home. His arms are always open to hold us on the good days and bad.

I have learned that God is the perfect provider. He knows what we need, He sees our deepest desires, and He cares about them. This doesn’t mean that everything turns out perfect or we get whatever we want, but often we look back on a summer and we see God at work throughout many small everyday life situations.

I have learned that God is powerful. Each year we often have at least one big thunderstorm. It rains, the wind goes crazy… I always like to head down to the lake during these storms, as I see such a huge display of God’s power. The waves are huge and the lightning lights up the sky. It’s in these moments that I see the power and beauty of God.

I have learned that creation is a testament to Who God is. I cannot walk around the camp property without seeing the hand of God. The pure beauty of His creation speaks to His creative genius and intelligence in the delicate balance of the natural world that surrounds us.

I have learned how much Jesus loves and values children. He sees children as beautiful and delicate, people are to be protected and treasured. They are people who have valuable thoughts and opinions. It is an honour to be able to build relationships and have fun with His precious treasures!

I could tell you stories about how I learned each of these things, but the stories would go on and on… each year I see things, I hear stories, I experience moments that remind me of who the amazing person Jesus is and how great our God is!

~Cookie (Melissa Fraser).