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How to Pack for Camp

Camp is coming! The kids are excited… YOU’RE excited… but the age old question is “What does my child need at camp??!!” Good news. I am here to answer that question! If you have registered for camp, you will have received a packing list that includes the necessities. I am going to walk through that […]

3 Things Camp Does to Change Your Life

Here at Camp Likely, we fully believe that a week at camp can change your child’s life. 1. At camp your child can OVERCOME FEARS One of the places that we often see this is at the climbing wall. Climbing a thirty foot wall is a scary idea! It requires trusting the equipment, trusting the […]

What You Learn as a Camper

Camp is not often thought of as a learning place – it’s seen as fun, exciting and active. But from years of watching campers we know that campers are often learning even though they don’t realize it! 1. Campers learn to be creative. At camp we often have activities and games that require kids to […]

What I Learned About Jesus at Camp

Camp Likely offers a variety of activities and experiences. Everything from archery to tubing, from crafts to canoeing. These are great things, and we love offering children the opportunity to try something new, to overcome fears, to make memories. But there is one thing that camp offers that is far more important than any other […]

5 Ways a Counsellor Influences Kids

Each year we have fantastic staff give up “normal” summer jobs, beach days, and time friends to invest in the children that come to camp. One of the most influential relationships that happen at camp are between a cabin leader and their campers. Here are 5 ways a counsellor influences their kids. 1. Counsellors provide […]

What I Learned from Camp as a Kid

As someone who has grown up in camping ministry, I like to say that camp is “in my blood”. I am 24 years old and have spent at least 16 of those years involved in camp, either as the child of the directors or as staff myself. Growing up at camp was something that really […]

10 Reasons You Should Send Your Child to Camp

As parents, you may be wondering what the benefit of camp is. Why put in the time, effort, and finances to register and send your child? We think there are TONS of reasons, but let us give you a few! 1. Camp is a BREAK Summer is a wonderful season of sun, friends, and free […]


We are excited to have an apple fundraiser this year, with the support of Davidson Orchards! Order through Cariboo Bethel’s office and the form provided. We can’t wait to see how well we can do, all thanks to you!      

We’ve got spots left!

Do you know someone who is perfect for camp!? Are they between the ages of 6-16, looking to experience living on beautiful Quesnel Lake? Looking to eat lots of candy and home cooked meals? Someone who wants to gain some independence? We think a week at Camp Likely is perfect for them! We still have […]