How to Pack for Camp

Camp is coming! The kids are excited… YOU’RE excited… but the age old question is “What does my child need at camp??!!”

Good news. I am here to answer that question!

If you have registered for camp, you will have received a packing list that includes the necessities. I am going to walk through that with you and give you some tips as you help your child pack.

Warm sleeping bag, pillow, sheet

  • At camp we have nice vinyl covered mattresses on bunk beds. Frequently kids will bring a sheet and quilt or a sleeping bag as well as a small throw blanket to cuddle up with. Sometimes night times can get a little bit chilly, so it’s always better to have an extra blanket than not enough.

Bible, journal

  • If your child doesn’t have a Bible and they’re not into journaling, don’t worry! We have Bibles for children that would like them and there are no times that it will be awkward or uncomfortable if they don’t bring these items.

Sunscreen, bug spray, toiletries

  • This is a big one! It gets hot in the day and cool at night, which leads to sun burns and mosquitos! We encourage kids to bring both sunscreen and bug spray to keep them covered. And of course toiletries, including toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and soap. While we are outdoors and we do like to participate with nature, it’s always more fun when we smell good!

Closed toed shoes, sandals

  • Close toed shoes are required for the climbing wall, so be sure to pack these even if your child doesn’t think they’ll want to climb the wall – they may change their mind! We also play a lot of games where runners come in handy. Sandals are also great to have for the beach and walking around camp – wearing shoes is a rule that we enforce!

Clothing for hot days and cool evenings (layers)

  • Rain gear if it rains, we continue with the program
    • (After all… a little rain never hurt nobody!)
  • All clothing is to be appropriate with logos, messages, lengths, and airing on the conservative side. If you have questions about some of your clothing, please ask.
    • We recognize that each person has different fashion choices and we want to make sure that we are dressing respectfully of others.

Hat, sunglasses, a watch, towel, water bottle

  • All of these are handy, but we think the towel and water bottle are especially important! We emphasize hydration as it’s often hot and everyone loves spending time in the lake!

Modest swimsuit

  • A coloured shirt to cover a bikini
    • Again, we want to be respectful of others in how we dress!

Theme Meal Clothing This year our theme is “#Farmlife” so our theme meals will go along with that!

  • “Veggietales”
  • “Little House on the Prairie”
  • “Barnyard”
  • “Formal” (excluding Squirt’s camp)
    • We love theme meals! We like to dress up in theme and maybe even act accordingly. If you don’t have supplies that work for these themes, don’t worry, we often have a few extra things for campers who could use a bit of help coming up with a costume!

3 Things Camp Does to Change Your Life

Here at Camp Likely, we fully believe that a week at camp can change your child’s life.

1. At camp your child can OVERCOME FEARS

One of the places that we often see this is at the climbing wall. Climbing a thirty foot wall is a scary idea! It requires trusting the equipment, trusting the wall, and ultimately trusting the belayer. It is very cool to watch a child who is afraid of heights begin climbing the wall. They make it up past the first sheet, then the second… and then they often start getting nervous. They see that they’re up in the air and realize how much higher they have yet to go. Our belayers encourage them to go “just a little higher”. Often they’ll climb a little bit higher. Some campers continue to the top while others go half way… sometimes they stop at three sheets. In any case, we are always excited – and the camper is excited – that they did it! They tried something that they were scared about, they went past their limit… they overcame their fears!

Our camp offers the opportunity for campers to overcome their fears in many different activities. Whether they are nervous about being towed behind a boat, yet they go tubing. Or maybe the idea of shooting a “weapon” is a scary idea, yet they try archery. Or maybe floating in a wooden boat is scary, yet they try canoeing. We love giving children the space to try something new, to grow. We are careful to never push too hard, to always let the children form their own limits and boundaries, and we are always encouraging and excited when we see that a child has tried something uncomfortable!

2. At camp your child can leave with IMPACTING RELATIONSHIPS

Camp is unique in that it is completely separated from the rest of the world. It is like our own little “bubble”. In that bubble we have staff, cabin leaders, adult volunteers, and campers. Each person at camp makes unique relationships within this bubble that are accelerated by the camp atmosphere. We think it is valuable to offer a place where children can make multi-generational relationships. Kids can get to know our camp “grandparents” and feel loved and cared for. They can become friends with our staff and cabin leaders and see them as role models and examples. They also form new friendships and strengthen old ones with other kids their age from their community. Often these relationships continue outside of the week of camp, and it is very cool to see how excited children are to see their “new friends” throughout the year in town in the grocery store or a local restaurant!

3. At camp your child can MEET JESUS

At Camp Likely we have a deep value for Jesus. We think that learning about Him and meeting Him is the most impactful moment a person can have in their life. We like to give children the opportunity to learn about Jesus, and if they choose, we love to give them the opportunity to meet Him and build a relationship with Him. For us, this is what camp is all about – introducing children to a God who loves them deeply, completely, and perfectly.

What You Learn as a Camper

Camp is not often thought of as a learning place – it’s seen as fun, exciting and active. But from years of watching campers we know that campers are often learning even though they don’t realize it!

1. Campers learn to be creative.

At camp we often have activities and games that require kids to create, whether it be making a team flag, planning a team cheer, or developing a cabin skit. But the place where we are often surprised to see creativity are during our wide games. We see kids trying methods to be successful at their task that we would not have thought of! We like to see campers belling crawling through grass, sneaking balloons in their pockets, or forming a human wall, all in an effort to get to without catching them!

2. Campers learn to self-entertain.

Though we run a very busy schedule and keep our campers occupied, there are always moments here and there throughout the day that the schedule lapses and we have a bit of a break. It is in these times that we see kids playing games like “ninja”, swinging on the rope swing, or singing “stella stella olla”. In a culture that has become focussed on busyness and instant entertainment, it is fun to see kids using their imagination to come up with ways to have fun without any technology or planned activity!

3. Campers learn to work together.

We provide many opportunities for campers to work as a team. From the beginning of the week they are divided into four teams and on those teams they develop a team name, cheer, and flag. It is these teams that compete with each other throughout the week through activities, games, and challenges. It is always interesting to see that at the beginning of the week the kids are just getting comfortable with each other, and then by the end of the week they have learned to solve problems and be successful as a true team!

4. Campers learn to stretch their boundaries.

Camp in general is a very new experience – especially for first time campers. It is a new place, new people, new activities, and a new schedule. All of this “newness” allows campers to try new things and make new friends. Activities that they may normally not be interested in trying may suddenly become their new favourite. People that may seem unfamiliar become great friends. A new place and a new way of living may become the new favourite. We love to see kids becoming comfortable in a new place and experience and we think it is a great opportunity to see campers stretching their limits.

5. Campers learn to make friends.

This is a unique point, as it can be argued that when our campers arrive, they already know how to make friends! And we would agree, but at the same time, we think that camp changes how people make friends and who they make friends with. Camp is outside of the societal norm and we often see people making friends that maybe wouldn’t interact in normal everyday life. We see kids making friends quickly and we see them being inclusive and making sure that everyone feels welcome and accepted. We love to see campers caring for each other and making sure that everyone has a place and is included! We think this is really the best way to make friends!

What I Learned About Jesus at Camp

Camp Likely offers a variety of activities and experiences. Everything from archery to tubing, from crafts to canoeing. These are great things, and we love offering children the opportunity to try something new, to overcome fears, to make memories. But there is one thing that camp offers that is far more important than any other – here at Camp Likely, we teach people about JESUS. I’d like to share some things that I have learned about Jesus throughout my years at camp.

I have learned that Jesus is a friend. He cares about what we have to say and He values our thoughts and concerns.

I have learned that God is a good Father. He fights for us, protects us, and deeply desires us to be loved and valued.

I have learned that nothing is big enough to separate us from God’s love. No matter what we have done, no matter what choices we have made, He is always waiting for us to run to Him and He is always happy to welcome us home. His arms are always open to hold us on the good days and bad.

I have learned that God is the perfect provider. He knows what we need, He sees our deepest desires, and He cares about them. This doesn’t mean that everything turns out perfect or we get whatever we want, but often we look back on a summer and we see God at work throughout many small everyday life situations.

I have learned that God is powerful. Each year we often have at least one big thunderstorm. It rains, the wind goes crazy… I always like to head down to the lake during these storms, as I see such a huge display of God’s power. The waves are huge and the lightning lights up the sky. It’s in these moments that I see the power and beauty of God.

I have learned that creation is a testament to Who God is. I cannot walk around the camp property without seeing the hand of God. The pure beauty of His creation speaks to His creative genius and intelligence in the delicate balance of the natural world that surrounds us.

I have learned how much Jesus loves and values children. He sees children as beautiful and delicate, people are to be protected and treasured. They are people who have valuable thoughts and opinions. It is an honour to be able to build relationships and have fun with His precious treasures!

I could tell you stories about how I learned each of these things, but the stories would go on and on… each year I see things, I hear stories, I experience moments that remind me of who the amazing person Jesus is and how great our God is!

~Cookie (Melissa Fraser).

5 Ways a Counsellor Influences Kids

Each year we have fantastic staff give up “normal” summer jobs, beach days, and time friends to invest in the children that come to camp. One of the most influential relationships that happen at camp are between a cabin leader and their campers. Here are 5 ways a counsellor influences their kids.

1. Counsellors provide a safe space.

We love that Camp Likely is a place that children can come and be themselves without fear of judgment or condemnation. Our staff and counsellors play a huge role in building that space, because when they come, they are completely themselves without any reservations! When campers arrive and their counsellors are confident in who they are, the campers feel that camp is a safe place for them to gain confidence in who they are.

2. Counsellors provide fun.

Our counsellors are some of the craziest, funnest people we know! Some are loud and obnoxious, others are quieter and funny, but all of them make camp a great time for all the campers who come. We get such a unique combination of individuals and it is always a perfect blend that makes camp the best place to be!

3. Counsellors provide a meaningful relationship.

The relationship that campers build with their counsellors is often one of the most valuable relationships built throughout the week. Our counsellors invest their time in our campers. This investment leads to meaningful conversations and impactful connections that can really shape a child’s life.

4. Counsellors provide their time.

Our counsellors and staff have given up a week or more of their summer because they think that children are worth it! When they are at camp they are completely devoted to their campers and aren’t hindered by any distractions. This commitment of their time goes a long way in building the trust of their campers. When our campers see that their counsellor is completely committed to them for a whole week, it lowers barriers and allows them to build great friendships with each other.

5. Counsellors provide a role model.

Our counsellors are young people who are excited about life and passionate about living devoted to Jesus. While far from perfect, they demonstrate to the campers what it looks like to follow Jesus. In the week that the campers spend with their counsellors they see that you don’t have to be perfect to follow Jesus, but you can follow Jesus in each every day aspect of your life. They see that following Jesus isn’t boring, but it is exciting, fun, and an adventure! We choose counsellors who we think will make great role models for your children because we know that your campers look up to their counsellors!

What I Learned from Camp as a Kid

As someone who has grown up in camping ministry, I like to say that camp is “in my blood”. I am 24 years old and have spent at least 16 of those years involved in camp, either as the child of the directors or as staff myself. Growing up at camp was something that really shaped who I am, what I believe, and gave me relationships that are incredibly valuable.

As a child I was often shy, quiet, and reserved. I liked to do what was expected me and was the ultimate “people pleaser”. At camp was where I really developed who I am. It was a place where it was okay for me to let go of the expectations of others and be myself. It was at camp that I realized how truly crazy and loud and… ahem… obnoxious I can be. I learned that it is okay for me to have fun and that I can be confident in the side of myself that can let loose! While part of me still is that quiet people pleasing person, I also know there is a part of me that likes to be crazy, and at camp I learned that it is okay to be confident in both of these aspects of myself.

Camp also played a huge role in shaping what I believed. I saw my parents loving the campers and staff and I saw what it looks like to love and care for those around me. I heard about Jesus from staff who lived lives committed to following Him and I saw that it can be a normal part of life. Most of all, I experienced the love of God and the great value He sees in me, and it was at camp that I chose to commit my life to Him and follow Him forever.

One of the things that I am most grateful for from my years at camp are the relationships that I built that continue to this day. As a young girl growing up in the camping community, I had adult volunteers who really poured into me. They saw value in me and purpose in my life and they encouraged me in what they saw. They invested in my life not only in the summer but throughout the years. These people really helped to shape who I became as an adult and became family of my heart. It is relationships like these that make camp ministry so beautiful and impactful.

I am very thankful to have had the childhood that I did. I love that I grew up as the child of camp directors and I have never regretted choosing to continue in this ministry as an adult. Each year I see lives being changed and I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this work!

~Cookie (Melissa Fraser).

10 Reasons You Should Send Your Child to Camp

As parents, you may be wondering what the benefit of camp is. Why put in the time, effort, and finances to register and send your child?

We think there are TONS of reasons, but let us give you a few!

1. Camp is a BREAK

Summer is a wonderful season of sun, friends, and free time. But oh that free time… it can really wear on a parent! Having to entertain your children for days on weeks on end… it can get hard to find creative ways to keep them occupied! Camp is a fantastic way to give yourself and your children a break. Let us take them off your hands for a week. We’re happy to entertain them, teach them new things, and send them back to you exhausted! Camp can be a much needed break for parents and can leave you refreshed and energized for the rest of the summer.

2. Camp is FUN

… of course! Camp offers so many activities, games, and events that it is impossible for a child to not enjoy at least a part of it. Our goal is to give campers the best week of their summer. From night games to breakfast in bed, “Man’s / Ladies Day” to tubing, we are always surprising our campers and giving them exciting memories. We love to use lots of glow sticks, loud music, and crazy dancing to amp up the fun!


Every time a child comes to camp for the first time, they have the opportunity to try something new. Campers get to climb the climbing wall, shoot a bow and arrow, go tubing, and try kayaking. Sometimes they are nervous to try something new, but rarely do they regret it! Even a child who goes half way up the wall is excited because that’s higher than they’ve ever gone! Someone who is nervous and prefers a slow tube ride gains the confidence to try something a little bit crazier. We love to see children trying new things and we love the excitement and confidence they gain from giving it a try!

4. Camp is NEW and OLD FRIENDS

We have some campers that come with friends or some that come alone, but no camper returns home without making a new friend! We love seeing kids open themselves up to people that they may not normally become friends with, and we love to see new friendships being formed and old ones becoming even more solid!

5. Camp is OUTSIDE

In a culture that is always plugged in and screen based, we pride ourselves in offering children the chance to unplug for a week. Our campers spend 90% of their day outside in the fresh air. They are surrounded by nature and are breathing fresh air and we think this is an incredibly valuable part of the camping world!

6. Camp is LEARNING

At Camp Likely we have the opportunity to teach children about Jesus and the Bible. We like to explain what we believe and allow kids to ask questions if they choose. We think it is important to respect and care for each child and family’s opinions and beliefs and never try to push our beliefs on others. We just think it is a privilege to share about the love of our God who loves us oh so much!


Camp Likely offers many activities that give children the opportunity to be outside, physically active, and try new things. We have a climbing wall, archery, canoeing, kayaking, tubing, crafts, and camp skills. We play wide games each evening and incorporate little games throughout the day. Our goal is to be active, outside, and together with each other.

8. Camp is YUMMY FOOD

Each year we hire a fantastic head cook and a variety of assistant cooks that work many hours each day in order to serve us the best food! We pride ourselves in serving lots of fresh produce and homemade meals. Quality nutrition is important to us, and our cook always strives to make wholesome beneficial meals! We are so thankful for the people who work hours each day in a hot kitchen to feed us!

9. Camp is the chance to be CRAZY

Camp is different from ordinary life – it is a place where it is culturally acceptable to be absolutely crazy! We encourage loud singing, crazy dancing, hilarious skits… We love to see kids come out of their shell and let loose! Our staff do a great job of providing a space where campers feel comfortable to be who they are with confidence.

10. Camp is CREATIVE

We love to provide campers with the opportunity to try new things and think in new ways. We encourage creativity through team cheers, flags and costumes. Being out in nature can really help facilitate these creative juices and we think it is important for kids to use their imagination and think outside of the box.

Camp Likely’s AGM

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APPLEFUNDRAISERWe are excited to have an apple fundraiser this year, with the support of Davidson Orchards! Order through Cariboo Bethel’s office and the form provided. We can’t wait to see how well we can do, all thanks to you!




We’ve got spots left!

Do you know someone who is perfect for camp!? Are they between the ages of 6-16, looking to experience living on beautiful Quesnel Lake? Looking to eat lots of candy and home cooked meals? Someone who wants to gain some independence?

We think a week at Camp Likely is perfect for them!

We still have space in our Squirts, Teens and Kids camps! Register today and be entered to win a prize from our stash of prizes valued around $500! Get them to bring a friend, cousin, team mate or neighbour!

Their week will ‘LIKELY’ include:

  • New experiences
  • New friends
  • Memories!
  • Games
  • Tubing
  • Camp fire songs
  • Late nights
  • Swimming
  • The best week of their life!