Teen Camp Speaker 2015

Now announcing Skittles! Skittles will be hanging out with us during Teen Camp this summer. She brings years of youth pastoring experience, as well as many summers spent at camp! We’re excited to have her because she’s got great ideas, stories, and dance moves!

Skittles owns a cute little dog named Whimsy, maybe you’ll see her at camp?

Register today to find out! We still have spots left in Teen Camp! We’d love to have you there!

Come and hear Skittles share about Jesus, and the difference he makes as you live your life out in this world, why it matters, and go tubing with her!




you'reinvitedcanoeyou'reinvitedcanoeRegister a camper and be entered to win some of the coolest prizes!

These prizes are $50 gift card for Walmart or Superstore, Camp Likely sweater, $20 gift card to Starbucks, Beats Pill blu-tooth speaker, and more! $500 of goods to be won!

We still have spots in all of our camps! If you let us know at office@camplikely.com that you have referred a friend to Camp Likely, then you will get an additional entry to the draw! So, basically, let your friends, neighbours and strangers in your life know about Camp Likely!


Camp Theme

We are thrilled to announce our camp theme for 2015!

We are excited to learn with our campers about the importance of Jesus in the world, and in our lives! We love different cultures and we can’t wait to share them with you!

This theme looks at what it means to be on an adventure around the world! We will have themed meals, learn some new languages, try different foods, but most importantly, we will be looking at with the Bible says about being in the world, and caring for the world!


We Love Camp Names

camplikely-coverpicCamp names are a great thing about Camp Likely that help you get to know our staff and volunteers in a new and exciting way! We are excited to announce that many of our favourite staff our coming back this year, and maybe you only know them by their camp name?!

Do any of these sound familiar?

Cookie! Maui! Fiesta! Captain Awesome! Anything! Nala! Popcorn! Fudd! Segundo! Cariboo! Lynson! Lemur! Gummi Bear! Zaboomafu! Crombie! Roxy!

Plus, we have more coming! New people, and others coming back too!


May 30th Work Bee

camplikely-coverpicWOULD YOU LIKE TO BE INVOLVED WITHcamplikely-coverpic CAMP LIKELY PREP?

We are looking for volunteers to come out to Camp Likely and help it get in shape for our camp season!

Meet at 7:00 AM on Saturday, May 30th in front of SpruceLee Construction to organize rides.Bring a lunch, dinner will be provided.

We thank all of our volunteers who are willing to come and help get Camp Likely ready for a summer of great memories!


Family Camp?

As you think about sending your child or grand child to camp as a camper or volunteer, have you ever wondered if there is a place for you at camp?

Camp wants to be a place where families can experience the awesome nature of camp together! So, what about this idea of a family camp?!
This would mean that as someone you know is volunteering or being a camper, that you would stay on site and volunteer in a way that best suites both camp and you! What a great week to be in the wilderness, being  on a volunteer team, and helping in whatever way you are able!

Camp wants to partner with you, so you can experience all that camp has to offer, and be a part of camp program alongside a camper!

If this interests you, please email us at office@camplikely.com or go to the Contact Us page on our website.


What’s Happening in Summer 2015?

Hi All,

We are so excited about our 2015 season! We have some great news! Camp Likely is thrilled to welcome back Kate Reid to leadership here at the Camp. Kate is gifted in Camp ministry, and we are excited to see her and her team put together a great 2015 season! She will do a great job as our Camp Director!

Kate is really interested in having many people return to Camp Likely, or have new faces to the place. If you are interested in being involved in whatever way you feel God is calling you to, please don’t hesitate to email Camp Likely and figure out how you can get involved in Camp. Maybe you could help with driving the boat, or cooking? Maybe you feel called to mentor and pray for our staff? What about housekeeping and crafts?

As well, as Camp heads into our 2015 season, we are asking for prayers for our staff, volunteers and campers. Please pray with us that this summer we may see God’s glory and love in our lives!


Boys & Girls Camp – Water Update

Hello parents of Boys and Girls’ campers!
As I am sure you have heard, on Monday there was a leak in one of the mine runoffs at Mount Polley, creating some contamination of Quesnel Lake. Camp Likely was notified of this leak as soon as it was announced by the CRD. Immediate precautions were taken because of the possibility of our water being contaminated. The waterfront and all lake activities were immediately cancelled, and we discontinued all usage of the lake water into our water system and we switched onto our well, which is our back up water source. Thankfully, we found out early in the day, so no water activities had begun, therefore no campers or staff were in contact with the possibly contaminated water. As a ban was placed on Quesnel Lake, no water has been used or been in contact with since this the announcement came out.
I hope that in this post I am able to address the majority of concerns that you may have, but please feel free to respond with any further questions or concerns.
As previously mentioned, we have switched onto our back up well as our water source. The water from the well goes through our water purification system, which includes numerous filters, UV light screening, and chlorination, therefore it meets health board standards. The CRD has advised that water sources be 100-300 feet away from Quesnel Lake in order to be certain that the water has not been contaminated, and our well is over 150 feet above the maximum advised distance away from the lake, therefore there is no concern of our well water being contaminated. In addition to well water, we are having purified water shipped in from Williams Lake and added to our system, as a way of ensuring that our water source does not become limited.
In regards to the waterfront, all activities pertaining to the lake have been cancelled. This includes tubing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and rock skipping. We are taking all possible steps to ensure that no camper or staff member comes into contact with the water.
We have not yet received information as to the state of contamination and how far it is spread, or if our water is specifically effected, however we are operating as though the water is contaminated in order to ensure safety, until we find out differently. We will be informed of test results in the next few days.
There has also been some concern in regards to road conditions. As of right now, the road out to Camp Likely has not been affected. A salvage crew is taking debris out of the river before it can reach the Likely bridge. Currently we are not concerned that the bridge will be affected by the debris. You can be sure that if this changes we will contact you immediately regarding a new route to travel to reach Camp Likely.
I hope this answers any questions you have in regards to the water situation in specific. We are currently running our Kids’ Camp, and I would like to give you some information on how it is going in order to hopefully give you some peace if mind as you prepare to send your child to camp.
We are having a great week at camp. Alternate activities have been put into place and the kids are laughing, smiling, and full of energy. They are being kept busy and entertained, and the lack of water activities is not even a topic of conversation! We are encouraged that they are indeed having a good time here at camp. We have an incredible group of staff, and they are all fully committed to making sure that the kids making good, lasting memories this week.
We are not planning to cancel camp for next week as we are able to run a full and enjoyable program even with the lack of waterfront. We will be receiving information in the next few days as to whether our water, specifically, is able to be used for activities. After we have received that information, I will be contacting you personally by phone in order to share that information with you.
Please feel free to email if you have any further questions at office@camplikely.com
Melissa Fraser & Kate Reid on behalf of Camp Likely Board, Staff & Volunteers

Kitchen Helpers

Help Wanted!

We are looking for kitchen helpers for July 23-25, July 27-August 1, and August 10-15.


  • Willing heart
  • Ability to learn
  • Excitement about camp!

Maybe your child is a camper, or you would love to feel like a camper again! Apply online at www.camplikely.com/apply

DR’s, Nurses, First Aid

Camp Likely is about the well being of our staff and campers, and so we ensure that every week we have trained medical professionals on sight to deal with any medical situation that occurs.

We are still looking for a few of our weeks to be filled with reliable medic volunteers! Are you trained and available during July 23-25, August 3-8, August 10-15? Let us know by emailing kate.reid@camplikely.com or applying online at www.camplikely.com/apply