Volunteer this summer

What do we all have in common? We’re Camp Likely volunteers!

Camp Likely volunteers make all of the difference to the atmosphere of the camp! We know that they love to engage with the kids and staff! We have lots of different opportunities this summer that include:

  • Driving the boat
  • Crafts
  • Leading an activity
  • Cooking / Food prep
  • House Keeping
  • One-on-one camper partner
  • Mentorship with Staff

Our volunteers are such an incredible support system to the staff throughout the summer. Anything that you are able to do around camp makes a difference in the lives of our campers and staff.

Being a Camp Likely volunteer gives you the chance to re-live the childhood camp experience! Or, it may be a great way for you to experience camp for the first time! Volunteering could also be an awesome way to know what Camp Likely is all about! Throughout the week our volunteers are engaged in the activities and sessions and it is a fantastic opportunity to see the behind the scenes of Camp! Some volunteers even come to keep an extra eye on their kids, and that’s a great way to be engaged in their camp experience!

Camp is running from July 18 – August 15, and if you are available for even a week, we’d love to have you apply!

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Camp Likely is on Facebook! We would love for you to join in and be a part of knowing what Cookie and Fiesta are planning for the summer. Our Facebook page will be updated regularly with interesting facts about the happenings of Camp Likely from the past and the plans for  Summer 2014!

As well, we will be updating during the Camp season with pictures and videos about what we were up to!

We look forward to keeping you in the loop! 

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Summer 2014 – We’re getting ready…

So, we are in March now! That means only 4 months until Camp starts! Camp is running from July 18 – August 15 this year!

Cookie and Fiesta are busy planning for an awesome summer for campers and staff! So far, we have gotten some of our speakers lined up (they will be announced soon!) and Cookie is spending lots of time brainstorming new wide games, worship songs, activities and crafts! Then, before we know it, we will be buying supplies and food, and we will be starting camp! Wahoo!

We want you all to be a part of summer 2014! Either through being a staff, camper or volunteer!

Sign up now to be a part of Camp Likely 2014!