May 30th Work Bee

camplikely-coverpicWOULD YOU LIKE TO BE INVOLVED WITHcamplikely-coverpic CAMP LIKELY PREP?

We are looking for volunteers to come out to Camp Likely and help it get in shape for our camp season!

Meet at 7:00 AM on Saturday, May 30th in front of SpruceLee Construction to organize rides.Bring a lunch, dinner will be provided.

We thank all of our volunteers who are willing to come and help get Camp Likely ready for a summer of great memories!


DR’s, Nurses, First Aid

Camp Likely is about the well being of our staff and campers, and so we ensure that every week we have trained medical professionals on sight to deal with any medical situation that occurs.

We are still looking for a few of our weeks to be filled with reliable medic volunteers! Are you trained and available during July 23-25, August 3-8, August 10-15? Let us know by emailing or applying online at



Girls’ Week Speaker

We are so excited to introduce to you our Girl’s Week Speaker!

Her name is Kronk at camp, but Julene at her home in Abbotsford.

Julene has been married to Anthony for almost one year and they even met at a summer camp! They spent the summer working together at Pines, and the rest is history!


We are so excited to have Julene come and share her camp experiences as well as really speak to our Girls about what it means to be a daughter of God! We are made in His image, and so what does this mean for us ladies?

A few fun facts about Julene:

  • Loves to DIY!
  • Has got incredible skills with a camera
  • Loves talking with people about their lives
  • Cherishes time with good friends
  • Read Anne of Green Gables countless times
  • Needs a strong cup of coffee in the morning

Early Camper Registration

Did you know? Until April 30, 2014 you can register your camper for a 10% discount!

We are excited about starting off this summer by having campers, lots of campers! We want to have all of our camps full so that we can share the camp experience with as many kids as Camp Likely can hold!

Why register early? 

  • You can figure out your summer plans now
  • You save money! Wahoo! 10% off!

You can register online any day now! Or, email and we’ll send you a hard copy!

We can’t wait to have your kid at Camp Likely! 



Back to the Future

We are excited to introduce to you our Camp Likely 2014 theme!

We know that throughout the Bible God did amazing
things, and He continues to transform lives today as well, as He
promises to continue to work in the future!
 We want this summer to be one where we take time to remember God’s
 miracles and blessings from the Bible, look at what He is doing today
 in our lives, around the world, and what He promises for the future!

We are going to be jumping in to a time machine and going back in time to see how God kept His promises all throughout the Bible – in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Then we’re going to discover how the same God that kept His promises all throughout the Bible still keeps His promises TODAY and for the FUTURE!

We desire this summer to be one that you want to always remember! A week or summer in your life where your relationship with Jesus really comes alive! We have exciting activities, games, and theme meals planned!

Our theme verse is Romans 4:21 – “Being fully persuaded that God had
 power to do what he had promised”. We can trust that God has done and 
will continue to do what he has promised!
 How exciting! We cannot wait to have our speakers and counsellors 
share what promises God has done in their lives and will continue to

 Get involved with this theme! Come out to Camp this summer as Staff, a
 Volunteer or Camper.

What are some ways that ‘Going Back to the
Future’ has encouraged your faith?


Summer 2014 – We’re getting ready…

So, we are in March now! That means only 4 months until Camp starts! Camp is running from July 18 – August 15 this year!

Cookie and Fiesta are busy planning for an awesome summer for campers and staff! So far, we have gotten some of our speakers lined up (they will be announced soon!) and Cookie is spending lots of time brainstorming new wide games, worship songs, activities and crafts! Then, before we know it, we will be buying supplies and food, and we will be starting camp! Wahoo!

We want you all to be a part of summer 2014! Either through being a staff, camper or volunteer!

Sign up now to be a part of Camp Likely 2014!