Teen Camp Speaker 2015

Now announcing Skittles! Skittles will be hanging out with us during Teen Camp this summer. She brings years of youth pastoring experience, as well as many summers spent at camp! We’re excited to have her because she’s got great ideas, stories, and dance moves!

Skittles owns a cute little dog named Whimsy, maybe you’ll see her at camp?

Register today to find out! We still have spots left in Teen Camp! We’d love to have you there!

Come and hear Skittles share about Jesus, and the difference he makes as you live your life out in this world, why it matters, and go tubing with her!



We Love Camp Names

camplikely-coverpicCamp names are a great thing about Camp Likely that help you get to know our staff and volunteers in a new and exciting way! We are excited to announce that many of our favourite staff our coming back this year, and maybe you only know them by their camp name?!

Do any of these sound familiar?

Cookie! Maui! Fiesta! Captain Awesome! Anything! Nala! Popcorn! Fudd! Segundo! Cariboo! Lynson! Lemur! Gummi Bear! Zaboomafu! Crombie! Roxy!

Plus, we have more coming! New people, and others coming back too!


Kitchen Helpers

Help Wanted!

We are looking for kitchen helpers for July 23-25, July 27-August 1, and August 10-15.


  • Willing heart
  • Ability to learn
  • Excitement about camp!

Maybe your child is a camper, or you would love to feel like a camper again! Apply online at www.camplikely.com/apply

DR’s, Nurses, First Aid

Camp Likely is about the well being of our staff and campers, and so we ensure that every week we have trained medical professionals on sight to deal with any medical situation that occurs.

We are still looking for a few of our weeks to be filled with reliable medic volunteers! Are you trained and available during July 23-25, August 3-8, August 10-15? Let us know by emailing kate.reid@camplikely.com or applying online at www.camplikely.com/apply



Teen Camp Speaker

We have our Teen Camp speaker!

If possibly you were on the fence on coming out, you should now because KENNY will be there!

Kenny Beacham is a great guy to have at camp for a few reasons:

  1. He loves slackline
  2. He loves Jesus!
  3. He loves his fiance, Brittany! They are getting married August 9, 2014!
  4. He can tell you any baseball stat you need to know
  5. He understands the good times and bad times of being a teenager
  6. He has lots of wisdom to share with girls and guys of ages 13-16!


We Have Awesome Staff

Every year we are so excited because we get to work with kids! And these kids need to be in the best care! Care that is responsible and fun! Someone who is able to look out for danger but still be adventurous! And we found some of the best people to care for and hangout with your kids this summer!

Let us introduce you to some of our staff! 

Allie has worked at a few different camps, but this is her 2nd summer at Camp Likely! We love having Allie around because she is great at guitar, kind, and is always smiling!

Hannah & Chloe are our Life Guards! These girls know how to follow the rules on the waterfront as well as make sure campers are cooled off and having a good time! This is both Hannah & Chloe’s first summer at Camp Likely, and we can’t wait to have them watching out for the safety of our campers!

Ty is a great example of a guy who is following Jesus with his whole heart! He took off the summer from work to help us out this year, and we can’t wait to see his talents on the climbing wall!

Matt knows how to have a good time! He will for sure make any camper (or staff) who is having a bad day smile! We can’t wait to have Matt on staff because we know he will be awesome at including all the campers in the activities!

Allie with a beautiful paintings

Allie with a beautiful paintings


Hannah & a beautiful animal!

Hannah & a beautiful animal!

Chloe with some of her best friends in Malawi, Africa

Chloe with some of her best friends in Malawi, Africa

Ty & a beautiful yellow animal

Ty & a beautiful yellow animal

Matt is all in when it comes to dressing up!

Matt is all in when it comes to dressing up!

Girls’ Week Speaker

We are so excited to introduce to you our Girl’s Week Speaker!

Her name is Kronk at camp, but Julene at her home in Abbotsford.

Julene has been married to Anthony for almost one year and they even met at a summer camp! They spent the summer working together at Pines, and the rest is history!


We are so excited to have Julene come and share her camp experiences as well as really speak to our Girls about what it means to be a daughter of God! We are made in His image, and so what does this mean for us ladies?

A few fun facts about Julene:

  • Loves to DIY!
  • Has got incredible skills with a camera
  • Loves talking with people about their lives
  • Cherishes time with good friends
  • Read Anne of Green Gables countless times
  • Needs a strong cup of coffee in the morning

Cookie is back at camp!

Cookie is excited to join the Camp Likely team this year again!

Cookie has spent many years at Camp Likely and this year she is organizing the program again! We are looking forward to having her at Camp with great new ideas for the program!

Cookie loves camp because:

  • she loves kids
  • she loves to be outside
  • she loves to have fun and be crazy


Fiesta is back at camp!

This summer we have Fiesta back at camp! Fiesta will be helping out with hiring awesome staff and spending time with the campers. Fiesta loves spending time at camp on the dock of the beautiful Quesnel Lake!

What Fiesta has been up to since she’s been away at Camp:

  • Fiesta got married! In August, 2011 she married her best friend, Jordan!
  • She also has been studying at Columbia Bible College, and her studies have recently taken her and Jordan to Guatemala from January until April.
  • Fiesta has become addicted to Pinterest unfortunately.