Girls & Boys Camp

Hi All,

We have some exciting news! We have made some changes to our last week at camp, August 10-15, to make it Girls and Boys Camp! This is different than Kids Camp because we are going to be making parts of the program very distinct for boys and then for girls. Our programming will have different games and activities based upon gender.

We are going to have some activities and camp fires co-ed and then some parts of the day separated by genders! We still are anticipating all that Julene will be sharing with the girls throughout the week, and having the boys take part in learning about who Jesus was as a young man, and learning how to be wise, and the power of influence.

So parents, if you have a boy ages 8-12 he is now invited to come to Camp Likely for August 10-15 for Girls & Boys Camp!

Email us at if you have any questions about the changes!